About IGC

The Columbia InterGreek Council (IGC) is the governing board for Columbia fraternities and sororities that oversees Columbia Greek life’s three councils: the Interfraternity CouncilMulticultural Greek Council, and the Panhellenic Council. The IGC provides guidelines and support to Columbia’s 26 Greek organizations. We also work on initiatives for the greater Columbia community, as well as hosts training sessions and philanthropic events as well as works closely with school administrators to ensure that Greek Life at Columbia promotes the values of the University, its individual chapters, and general scholarship, leadership development, and inclusivity.

Typically we hold a general body meeting which Presidents of all Greek chapters are asked to attend. Here, we foster community spirit and support by keeping each other updated on philanthropic and social events each chapter hosts.

The Judicial Board is an integral part of IGC as it scores ALPHA Standards, which help determine to what degree chapters on campus give back to the Columbia community, as well as governs over and hears cases regarding infractions on the part of chapters on campus. This legislative body is a proactive way for the Greek community to be held to the higher standards demanded by the Columbia community in addition to increased accountability of the individual chapters. 

Our stance on hazing: In part with The State of New York, all national chapters on campus have implemented anti-hazing policies and legislation. Hazing has no place in the Columbia community, let alone the fraternities and sororities here.

In addition, philanthropy plays in integral part to Greek life at Columbia, it is one of the core values measured in our ALPHA standards. Every year, we as a community raise approximately $250,000 and complete around 30,000 hours of community service: that comes to about $155 raised and 17 hours of service per chapter member. We actively attempt to give back to the Columbia campus by participating in Columbia-led initiatives, such as CCO, CUDM, and Relay for Life.